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Weiser's Western Lure Beaver Gland

Weiser's Western Lure Beaver Gland


I don’t buy castor that has been dried like most beaver lures. Instead, I use fresh castor and oil sacks and grind and preserve them immediately. Blended thick and oily with a certain sweet musk that is not often used in a castor lure. I make part of my living killing beaver and this lure has always been part of the job. It is good for any type of set for open water traps and snares and good any time of the year. Bobcats love it and I am never without it during cat season. Probably half of my cat sets see’s its use directly at the set in combination with Montana Long Call or my Ground Fish Bait. I also like it as a change up for fox and coon and the pine marten won’t leave it alone. They seem to show up in cat sets when used on the edge of their territory. If I could only use one lure for all animals, this lure would be it. It is also good mixed in homemade meat baits.


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